Complete list of our services

Complete Waste Management

Environment First Ltd offers a one stop shop waste management service, so whatever waste streams you are producing we can simply arrange to collect it and recycle it. Working with us means you only need to deal with our personal service, making recycling easier for you.

This page shows the areas we specialise in. For other waste types, we use our network of specialists to carry out the recycling process. This means we can offer a comprehensive service providing specialised recycling services as part of a complete package.

Cardboard recycling

One of the areas we specialise in is Cardboard recycling. We can recycle all types of paper and cardboard including magazines, papers, office paper, cartons, fruit boxes (OKLS).

Cardboard recycling involves the waste material being shredded, mixed with water and returned to a pulp. Contaminants are removed and then the pulp containing wood fibres is used to make new paper and card products. Cardboard can usually be recycled 5 times throughout its life.

We can accept cardboard loose or baled.

Fruit and vegetable (organic) waste recycling

Our business grew up around recycling the leftovers of fruit and vegetable production. There are a variety of ways that fruit and vegetable waste can be reused. Some is used for animal feed, some is composted naturally and some can be broken down using anaerobic digestion.

Due to the wide spectrum of waste products in this area we can collect your waste in a variety of containers including bins or skips which are then transported on an artic lorry.

To discuss your fruit/veg waste requirements please call 0845 1961111

Plastics recycling

Plastics are among the versatile materials available and come in many shapes and sizes. All plastic types are recyclable. Once plastics are sorted into their respective types they can then be melted, shredded or granulated and used to make new plastic-based products.

Environment First can accept a wide range of plastic waste and can collect it loose or baled depending on your preferences.

Rebates for Cardboard and Plastic

We track cardboard prices through Lets Recycle but for accurate pricing please call us for a rebate price.  We can offer the best rebates on full artic loads.  This is approximately 48 – 52 mill sized bales which are wire tied.  We can supply bundles of wire at £40.00 per bundle.  We also accept smaller loads please call for details.


We are able to offer Horizontal and Vertical Balers for your cardboard and plastic baling.  These can either be rented from us on a weekly basis or purchased outright.  We can offer a full service maintenance contract which includes 2 x Services under PUWER Regulations.